Spring Group Fitness Schedule

January 11 - May 2


Pilates 7:30-8:30AM (Renee)

Quick LYT Flow 12:00-12:30PM (Meredith)

Body Combat™ 6:15-7:15PM (Caitlin)

Core Training 7:15 - 7:45PM (Caitlin)

Relaxation Yoga 8:00-9:00PM (Katie)

Morning Mobility 8:00-8:30AM (Devon)

Zumba™ 9:00-9:45AM (Sasha)

Pilates 11:00-11:45AM (Becca)

LYT Yoga 1:00-2:00PM (Meredith)

HIIT 7:15-8:00PM (Caitlin)

Yin Yoga 8:30-9:30PM (Caroline)

Pilates 7:00-7:45AM (Becca)

HIIT 8:00-8:45AM (Becky)

Quick LYT Flow 12:00-12:30PM (Meredith)

Strength At Home 4:00-4:45AM (Devon)

Relaxation Yoga 6:00-7:00PM (Katie)

Morning Mobility 8:00-8:30AM (Devon)

Zumba™ 9:00-9:45AM (Sasha)

HIIT 1:00-1:45PM (Becky)

LYT Yoga 4:30-5:30PM (Meredith)

BOLLYX™ 6:30-7:15PM (Alexandra)

Pilates 7:00-7:45AM (Becca)

Strength At Home 8:00-8:45AM (Devon)

Barre 1:00-2:00PM (Dani)

Zumba™ 5:30-6:15PM (Alexandra)

LYT Yoga 9:00-10:00AM (Caitlin)

WERQ™ 12:00-12:45PM (Alexandra)

HIIT 4:00-4:45PM (Devon)

Strength At Home 10:00-10:45AM (Devon)

Zumba™ 12:00-12:45PM (Dani)

Barre 4:30-5:30PM (Alexandra)

*Please Note*

No classes on Monday, January 18th (MLK Day)
No classes on Wednesday, January 20th (Inauguration Day)
No classes on Monday, February 15th (Presidents Day)
No classes during Spring Break (March 14-21st)
Last day of regular spring schedule is May 2nd

To register for group fitness classes, click the registration button below and you will be emailed the Zoom class link within 1 to 2 business days after submission. The link will be the same for all classes. 


Class Descriptions