Class Descriptions

Cardio & Strength Formats

Core Glute Stretch

Core Glute Stretch is focused on engaging and strengthening your abdominals, glutes, obliques and hamstrings. No equipment is necessary for this class except a mat for comfort.


An intense cardio class performed on stationary bikes that utilizes various training techniques and motivational strategies to simulate actual riding experiences. Participants can adjust their own resistance and pedaling rate so that beginners and regular cyclists are challenged in the same class. *Cycle and Core formats incorporate a particular training focus on core strength development on or off the bikes.

Mind & Body Formats

LYT Yoga

Created by PT and yogi Lara Heimann, the LYT method re-envisions Vinyasa yoga to maximize movement function in modern life. LYT classes are designed to encourage optimal communication between the brain and the body. An emphasis on core engagement and full body integration produces physical length through sustainable strength and reinforces movement habits that support health through all phases of life.


Pilates is a low impact workout based on matching core exercises to breath. You will challenge your core and glutes with stability and mobility exercises aimed at improving posture and reducing lower back pain.

Restorative/Gentle Yoga

Similar to our regular Vinyasa Yoga offering, this slower paced flow class moves with the breath, however you can expect slower movements and longer, deeper stretches.

Vinyasa Yoga

A classic fluid flow that links movement with breath.  Known for its dynamic and creative sequences, this is great moderate level yoga class.

High Intensity Formats

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

This class focuses on short duration, high intensity intervals paired with periods of lower intensity intervals for active recovery. This form of exercise can train the body to be more efficient. Expect to build endurance and lean muscle in this powerhouse of a fitness class.