Club Sports Resources

Club Sport Office

You may contact the Club Sport Office by email at [email protected] and you may ask for office hours appointments by email as well. Club Sport Office Hours will be available with two Campus Recreation Assistants who are also Club Sport student leaders, and who can assist with requesting facilities and submitting Purchase Requests to the Org Help Finance Desk.


All Club Sport Athletes must read and digitally sign the Club Sports Waiver if you want to participate in Club Sports. Once you have signed the waiver, it is valid throughout the academic school year. If you participate on more than one Club Sport team, you must complete a separate waiver for each sport. The waiver serves as a roster for the club.

You will need your UserID and password to access the waiver form. Participants under the age of 18 should have their parent or guardian sign it and send it back to the student to be submitted. The hardcopy PDF of the waiver, that needs to be signed by a guardian, can be downloaded from the link on the website. Anyone who does not complete the waiver may not participate on a GW Club Sport team!

Events Must be Registered

All Club Sport events home and away must be registered so that the Club Sport Office can efficiently implement logistics for you and so we can export events to the Vice Provost and relevant offices. Submit the Club Sport Event Registration Form:

Practice Schedule - Spring 2024

The Spring 2024 Club Sport Practice Schedule is effective first day of class through the last day of classes for Spring 2024.

Athletic Trainer/Injury Resources

Sports Medicine Services

The Office of Campus Recreation and DSA in collaboration with the George Washington University Hospital is committed to providing high quality medical services to student-athletes currently participating in Club Sports at GW. The Clubs Sports Medicine staff consists of certified Athletic Trainers providing services including event coverage, injury evaluation and management.

How to Make an Appointment

The Sports Medicine Department offers appointments when a club sports athlete is injured during practices or games.  If you are injured during a scheduled club practice or. game (home or away), please follow these steps to be seen by an Athletic Trainer for an initial assessment. 

1.  Please complete and submit the online Injury Report Form within 48 hours of the injury occurring.

2.  Then make an appointment for the Injury Clinic by visiting the following link:  Access the Club Sports Appointment Calendar.

Club Sports Medicine Staff


Chris Duncan, ATC​

Chris Duncan has been an Assistant Athletic Trainer at GW since 2006. He recently moved over to the GW Hospital and will work with our club teams this season.  A native of Asheville, N.C., Duncan earned his Bachelor's Degree in Athletic Training from Erskine College in 2002 and his Master's of Education in Health and Human Performance from Western Carolina University in 2004. Prior to coming to GW, Duncan served as an Assistant Athletic Trainer at the University of Maryland working with the Baseball team from 2004-06. His clinical interests include concussions, knee and shoulder rehabilitation, and technological advances in Athletic Training. He resides in Alexandria, VA with his wife, Marla and son, Christopher, Jr.


Pre-participation Screening

It is highly recommended and encouraged to have an annual orthopedic and general physical examination prior to participating in any sporting or physical activity. The George Washington University Student Health Center provides complete pre-participation physical examinations. 


It is strongly recommended that all Club Sport student-athletes have an Accidental / Medical insurance plan in effect prior to participating in Club Sport activities. For more information about insurance, see the information provided through the Student Health Center


All Players and Coaches on Club Sports teams should be familiar with how to handle situations where a player on the team might have suffered a concussion.  Download the Heads Up Concussion Guide for Coaches.

Travel Resources 

Club Travel Rules and Regulations

All travel by any Club Sport at the George Washington University must be approved by the Office of Campus Recreation at least ten days prior to any scheduled trip. Each club is solely responsible for its mode of transportation to and from club activities. Clubs are permitted to rent 12-passenger vans, minivans, and cars for travel. Students must be 20 years of age and approved student drivers for rentals. The university also recommends that Club Sports utilize charter motor coach service with professional drivers when applicable. 

All drivers must be approved for Anthony Travel and GW Fleet

Each year, a student desiring to drive for a club team must complete the Annual Student Driver Authorization Application. This must be signed by current advisor Erik Strouse [email protected] before uploading. If that student is over 20 years old, they can also complete the 10 - 12 Passenger Van Safety Acknowledgement in order to drive a larger capacity van.  

  1. Whether it be in private, personal-owned vehicles or rental cars, the completed and personally signed Annual Student Driver Authorization Application and driver's license must be uploaded and submitted using the GW Club Sport Internal Driver Application Form.  
  2. The GW Club Sport Internal Driver Application Form will send you an automatic confirmation message with access information for an online driver safety exam. Prospective drivers must complete the online driver safety exam.
  3. Email the completed course certificate to the Student Driver Program ([email protected]) and to the Club Sport Office ([email protected]). You will receive an approval email when your paperwork is approved.
  4. Extra Step for GW Fleet: student drivers 20 or older can also complete the 10 - 12 Passenger Van Safety Acknowledgement and email it to the Student Driver Program ([email protected]), then also submit a Driver Authorization Request to GW Fleet to get access to Fleet Commander. You will be contacted to complete a road test with GW Fleet. After successfully passing your road test, you will receive an email back from Fleet Commander authorizing you to reserve vehicles at

How to request rental cars / hotels / flights

For clubs that are using Anthony Travel to reserve rental cars, airline flights, or hotel rooms, please complete the GW Club Sports Travel Pricing Request Form and email it  to Debra Pearce ([email protected]) and the Club Sport Manager ([email protected]) on the same email at least 10 days before travel. GW Athletics gets priority for time with Anthony Travel and that company works with dozens or hundreds of colleges.


No Authority to Bind

You must submit requests in Engage for all expenditures. Note that you do not have authority to bind GW funds - please ask goods/services providers for non-binding price quotes only and never sign a contract/agreement/document or place an order outright.

  1. Ask vendor for non-binding price quote or contract
  2. Email the non-binding price quote or contract to the Club Sport Office (i[email protected])
  3. When the Club Sport Office replies to you telling you which payment method to choose, submit the Engage purchase request form as directed.
  4. If you need help book a Zoom/In-Person with the Club Sport Office by emailing [email protected]

GW Trademarks and Licensing - Uniforms

You must use licensed vendors, follow trademark guidelines and submit artwork for approval.

CSC Additional Funds Requests

All additional funding requests for club sports will be considered by the Club Sports Council. The finance committee will meet every Wednesday evening to discuss requests and allocate funds. All requests must be submitted by 8 PM on the Tuesday prior to the Wednesday meeting day to be considered. If you have any questions please contact the Club Sports Council at [email protected].


Member Dues Payable to Your Club

Club members can Pay Team Dues online by searching for your club after checking the "Student Organization" button.

Org Help Finance Team

The Org Help Finance Team provides drop-in support for student organization finances and is a great place to go if groups have questions about their finances or who have an approved request and need to make a purchase. You can reach the Org Help Finance team via email

During the 2023-2024 academic year, the Org Help Finance Desk is open in University Student Center 433A on weekdays from 12:00-5:00 pm. An appointment is required. Please email the Finance Team to get more information. Hours and availability may vary during holidays, breaks, and finals.