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Lerner Learning Series

The Lerner Learning Series is a set of five workshops focused on teaching fitness and wellness fundamentals in a safe and inclusive learning environment. These workshops were led by professionals in the fitness space and are meant to promote health-seeking behaviors and balanced wellness. Check out our past workshops below.

Movement comes from stillness, and the way we hold our bodies in stillness directly affects the way we move our bodies. This Lerner Learning Series workshop will leave you with tools to check in with your postural alignment anytime, and will equip you with tools to analyze how your posture is showing up in any of your fitness routines. Let’s keep movement sustainable and pain free!

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It’s all about balance! Previously, we have discussed Self-Care and best practices to apply it daily in terms of fitness, nutrition, sleep and stress management. In this Lerner Learning Series, we’ll discuss how daily activity and movement - even just a 30 minute walk - is impactful to our wellness and maintaining balance!

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During this Lerner Learning Series, we will start by discussing some tips for practicing yoga at home, including ideas for how to substitute common household items for yoga props and how to develop a balanced home practice.  After this discussion, we will move through some short yoga sequences and close out with a seated meditation.  Come prepared to move and bring a journal and something to write with in case you want to take notes! 

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Building muscle decreases risk of diseases, strengthens bones and ligaments, shapes the body, and can accelerate fat loss. Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you have to put your goals on pause! Learn techniques to maximize your muscle growth in and out of the gym during your lifts, tools for an effective strength session with minimal equipment, and general nutrition guidelines to build muscle. 

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Do you have a behavior that you want to make into a habit? This Lerner Learning Series will be focused on tactics and strategies to build habits that are sustainable and positive. This workshop will be interactive and group-based.

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