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Many GW students want to stay active while in college, but without the commitment to participation in a varsity sport. Intramural sports enable students to reap the health and wellness benefits of athletic competition (not to mention the fun), while remaining focused on academics and other aspects of life at GW. Intramurals at GW range from a wide array of team sports (including basketball, floor hockey, football, kickball, soccer, volleyball) to individual sports (including racquetball, table tennis, Turkey Trot 5K, Battle Boat Passage Race). 

Intramural Sports at the George Washington University is partnered with IM Leagues for all information and registration. This means that you are able to register for all Intramural Sports leagues and tournaments, and view all standings, rules, and policies online!

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Spring 2016 Intramural Schedule



5v5 Basketball

January 20

January 24 - February 25
Indoor Flag Football January 27 January 30 - February 28
GW Champions League January 27 February 29 - April 12
Dodgeball March 23 April 2 - April 3
Ultimate Frisbee March 30 April 9 - April 10
Floor Hockey April 6 April 16 - April 24

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Games will take place at 6:30pm and 7:30pm each night on the 4th floor.
This schedule and all events are subject to change.

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