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NOTE: Personal training and small group training classes and programming will resume in spring 2023.

The purpose of the Personal Training Program is to provide safe and effective movement programs to patrons of The George Washington University through one-on-one fitness consultations and individually-designed programs. Our mission is to enhance the overall health and quality of life of our patrons. We want to create a balanced lifestyle that will contribute to the individual’s long-term physical, emotional, intellectual, and social growth. The Personal Training Program encourages individuals to enhance their level of strength, endurance, and flexibility in the most productive, practical, joyful, and safest manner possible.

The Lerner Health & Wellness Center’s nationally certified personal trainers provide the motivation, education, guidance, and individual instruction required to achieve personal fitness goals. Trainers will design a tailored exercise program for each individual that reflects the client’s objectives, fitness level, and experience. Trainers will also evaluate and modify the exercise program according to the changing needs of the individual. 

Who should seek a personal trainer?

  • Patrons who need an individualized program for specific needs and goals
  • Patrons who desire individual attention and feedback
  • Patrons who have reached a plateau, and would like to enhance performance
  • Patrons who want to add variety and intensity to their workout

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Virtual Personal Trainer Prep Course

This summer we will be hosting a 5-session virtual personal trainer prep course. During the course, you will learn the basics of personal training, how to best study for the ACE Personal Trainer exam, and perform interactive exercises that will equip you to become an exceptional personal trainer.