Sorority Cup

The Sorority Cup was created in 1988 to give Greek letter social Sororities the opportunity to compete for a championship against one another in Intramural Sports competition.  

At the end of the academic year, a sorority will be declared the champion based on the overall points it has accumulated. 

All current Sorority Cup information including rules, sport registrations, and updated standings can be viewed in the "Campus Cup" section of the George Washington University site at IM Leagues!  Register today and start competing! 

Previous Winners

2016-2017 Alpha Delta Pi
2015-2016 Alpha Delta Pi
2014-2015 Alpha Delta Pi
2013-2014 Alpha Delta Pi
2012-2013 Pi Beta Phi
2011-2012  Alpha Delta Pi
2010-2011  Alpha Delta Pi
2009-2010  Alpha Delta Pi
2008-2009  Alpha Delta Pi
2007-2008  Alpha Phi
2006-2007  Alpha Phi
2005-2006 Alpha Delta Pi
2004-2005  Alpha Phi
2003-2004 Alpha Phi & Sigma Kappa
2002-2003 *under research*
2001-2002 *under research*
2000-2001 *under research*
1999-2000 *under research*
1998-1999 *under research*
1997-1998 Delta Gamma
1996-1997  *under research*
1995-1996  *under research*
1994-1995 Delta Gamma
1993-1994 Delta Gamma
1992-1993 Delta Gamma
1991-1992 Sigma Kappa
1990-1991 Sigma Kappa
1989-1990 Sigma Kappa
1988-1989  Kappa Kappa Gamma