Membership Packages


General President's Club Bike-To-Work Pass

General members have full use of all workout spaces and equipment within the facility. Members are eligible to participate in all 'Fitness and Wellness' programs for an ancillary fee, and purchase additional products and services, including locker rentals, unlimited towel service and equipment/lock use.


PC members have full use of all workout spaces and equipment within the Lerner Health and Wellness Center, and may purchase additional 'Fitness and Wellness' services for an ancillary fee.  
Additional Package Features:
•  Unlimited access to all Group Fitness classes
•  Unlimited towel service
•  Use of private, upgraded locker rooms
•  Access to sauna and steam room
•  Free, standard-size locker
•  Laundry service for workout gear
•  Private shower stalls

GW faculty & staff who bike, walk, run, skate or use any other (non-motor vehicle) method of transportation to get to work may purchase this limited-access (once per day) membership for use of the showers, locker rooms and towel service.  

*Please see 'Eligibility' to find out which membership category and pricing you qualify for*

2-Week Trial Membership
We encourage all new faculty and staff members to try the gym for a two (complimentary) weeks to make sure that our programs and services will help you meet your fitness goals.  Group fitness classes are included in this trial membership. Whether you are new to GW, or have been here for years and have never signed up for membership, visit the Membership Office to activate your TWO-WEEK (14 days) FREE TRIAL. This package may only be activated once per person, and must be activated in person at the Membership and Client Services Office located in the lobby of the Lerner Health and Wellness Center.

* The 2-Week Trial Membership is for general access and GW Faculty & Staff Only.  Trial membership is not available for the President's Club.*

Membership Fees

  Faculty and Staff
General Membership $39
President's Club Regular Locker $94
President's Club Full Locker $103
General Membership $50
President's Club Regular Locker $110
President's Club Full Locker $119
General Membership $53
President's Club Regular Locker $112
President's Club Full Locker $121
  Limited Access Passes
Bike to Work $60/semester

*DC Sales & Use Tax included (5.75 percent)

Payment Options

All memberships may be paid for using cash, personal check or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover), and monthly payment plans using a credit card are available.  Additionally, all 'benefits-eligible' faculty and staff of the university can opt to have payroll deductions taken to pay for 'Annual' memberships - monthly memberships are not eligible to use payroll deductions.  If you opt to use payroll deductions, please verify your eligibility with the Payroll Services Department. Please fill out the membership application for payroll deduction. When you use payroll deductions to pay for a Campus Recreation Membership, you are purchasing a continuous right to use the Lerner Health and Wellness Center and will not have to renew.  Your membership will last as long as you remain a university employee or until you submit a membership termination web form to cancel.  Membership rates are subject to increase periodically.  

No refunds are given for membership fees already paid.  GWorld card is not an accepted form of payment for memberships or services.