District of Columbia Zoning Commission Order

The District of Columbia Zoning Commission Order dictates which populations may apply for Lerner Health and Wellness membership and those categories are listed below. Prospective members will receive membership fee information when the application is made.

1. a. Students, faculty, and staff of the Foggy Bottom and Mount Vernon Campuses,

b. Members of the University's Board of Trustees,

c. Students of the School Without Walls in organized activities under the supervision of school faculty,

d. Persons residing at St. Mary's Court, St. Mary's Episcopal Church, and the Remington Condos with a maximum of 50 passes available, and

e. University alumni who reside in zip codes 20006 and 20037, up to a maximum of 250 memberships.

The following populations and activities are conditionally approved until 2020:

2.a. Community members residing in zip codes 20006 and 20037, with a maximum of 150 permitted memberships. An additional 100 memberships may be made available during GW's summer academic break (for a total of 250 community memberships during the summer academic break),

b. Athletic competitions that draw a limited number of non-GW users primarily as competitors and are not spectator-driven events. These types of competitions include varsity squash, intermural sports and club sport activities such as basketball, volleyball, and table tennis,

c. Periodic and short-term events that cater to the campus community, neighbors and/or other non-GW participants that would otherwise be on campus for mission-related purposes. These types of events would include items such as health-related sessions (e.g. CPR training), the Clinton Global Initiative (hosted on campus, with the Lerner Center as one of the multiple locations for activities), science fairs or other academically-based events, GW athletic pep events for athletic event ticket holders, and youth camps, and

d. Persons housed in GW housing facilities during the summer term.