Who's Eligible?


All GW students living in Foggy Bottom or Mount Vernon Campus housing, and/or taking a credit-bearing course located on the Foggy Bottom campus are permitted (gratis) access during the semesters in which they are enrolled.  Unfortunately, off-campus locations such as Arlington Education Center, the Virginia Science and Technology do not qualify per the DC Zoning Commission. Campus Students of the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design who wish to utilize the Lerner Health and Wellness Center but do not meet the above eligibility requirements, please contact the Registrar's office at [email protected].  

Each student must hold a valid GWorld card displaying 'STUDENT' or 'VISITOR' on the front. Please be advised that incoming students are NOT permitted access until they are issued a George Washington University ID.  Once enrolled, students may purchase additional programs and services at a discounted rate.  Visiting students must be enrolled in university courses during the semester for which they would like access to the Lerner Health and Wellness Center.  Proof of current enrollment is required. 



All GW employees, including employees of GW Hospital (UHS), Medical Faculty Associates (MFA), GW Contractors and Visiting Faculty/Staff are eligible to purchase a membership.  Individuals must hold a valid GWorld card displaying 'FACULTY', 'STAFF', 'CONTRACTOR' or 'VISTOR' on the front.  MFA and GW Hospital employees must obtain a GWorld card prior to purchasing a membership.  GWorld cards can be obtained from the GWorld Card Office during regular business hours.  

University (only) faculty and staff who are currently enrolled in courses may be eligible for gratis access.  Full-time employees of the university who are enrolled in courses and using the tuition benefit may access the facility free of charge if you are paying the equivalent of one credit hour, to the school in which you are enrolled, AFTER the tuition benefit has been applied.  For example, if you are enrolled in a graduate program at the College of Professional Studies, the remaining balance (out-of-pocket costs/fees) on your student account statement must be greater than or equal to the current per credit hour cost, after the tuition benefit has been applied to your account.  Please click this link to check GW Tuition Rates for individual programs.  If you meet the eligibility requirement, please forward a copy of your statement for the current semester to Membership Services.  Eligibility is granted as a condition of current enrollment, and must be verified every semester.


University Alumni & Foggy Bottom/West End Community Residents

The District of Columbia Zoning Commission approved the construction of the Lerner Health and Wellness Center in 1998, and subsequently specified which university and non-university populations are allowed access or eligible to purchase membership.  In accordance with the Lerner Health and Wellness Center DC Zoning Order, we are happy to offer membership to a limited number of university alumni and community residents - those living within the Foggy Bottom or West End neighborhoods (20006 and 20037 zip codes only).  All potential members must first visit the GWorld Card Office to obtain an 'ALUMNI' or  'VISITOR' GWorld card.  Proof of residency is required.  

After receiving the card, please visit Campus Recreation office in person, or online at Online Member Services, to purchase a membership.