Weight Room

  1. Personal belongings, gym bags, backpacks, etc., are not permitted in hallways, lobbies, or activity areas.
  2. Please secure all belongings in a day use or semester rental locker.
  3. Closed-toe athletic footwear required.
  4. Olympic and power lifting  is strictly prohibited.
  5. Safety collars must be utilized on barbells at all times.
  6. Appropriate athletic attire required at all times.
  7. Leaning weights or bars against the walls, pillars, or mirrors is prohibited.
  8. Dropping/Slamming weights is prohibited.
  9. Please allow others to work-in between sets.
  10. Equipment must be wiped down after each use.
  11. Dumbbells and weight plates should be replaced on racks or machines after use.
  12. Please do not move any plate-loaded machines or equipment benches.
  13. No standing on equipment.
  14. Dumbbells and other free weight equipment should remain in the weight room at all times.
  15. Deadlifting is allowed in the designated area only.
  16. LHWC staff reserves the right instruct patrons how to use equipment properly.
  17. Please inform LHWC staff if equipment is malfunctioning.
  18. Violation of LHWC rules, policies, or the GW Code of Student Conduct may lead to removal from the facility, loss or suspension of LHWC privileges, and/or other appropriate behavior.
  19. Outside private lessons or personal services are prohibited in all recreation areas.