Virtual Group Fitness Class Schedule

August 31 - December 6


Pilates 7:30-8:30AM (Renee)

Body Combat™ 6:30-7:30PM (Caitlin)

Core Training 7:30 - 7:50PM (Caitlin)

Relaxation Yoga 8:00-9:00PM (Katie)

Zumba™ 8:00-8:45AM (Sasha)

LYT Yoga 4:30-5:30PM (Meredith)

HIIT 7:15-8:00PM (Caitlin)

Yin Yoga 8:30-9:30PM (Caroline)

HIIT 7:15-8:00AM (Becky)

Strength At Home 11:00-11:45AM (Devon)

Vinyasa Yoga 6:00-7:00PM (Katie)

Zumba™ 7:15-8:00PM (Dani)

Pilates 7:30-8:30AM (Becca)

Zumba™ 12:00-12:45PM (Sasha)

LYT Yoga 4:30-5:30PM (Meredith)

HIIT 6:00-6:45PM (Devon)

WERQ™ 7:00-7:45PM (Alexandra)

Barre 1:00-2:00PM (Dani)

Strength At Home 5:00-5:45PM (Devon)

Zumba™ 6:00-6:45PM (Alexandra)

LYT Yoga 9:00-10:00AM (Caitlin)

HIIT 4:00-4:45PM (Devon)

Strength At Home 10:00-10:45AM (Devon)

Barre 5:00-6:00PM (Alexandra)

Class Descriptions


To register for GW summer group fitness classes, click the registration button below and you will be emailed the Zoom class link before August 31st. If you submit this form after August 31st, you will be sent the link within 1 to 2 business days after submission. The link will be the same for all classes.