Intramural Trick Shot Challenge


Design your own trick shots to participate in our challenge! Video submissions will be accepted between
April 15 - April 29. Top videos will recognized the week of May 4.

Trick Shot Category
Creativity is key. Use your imagination…indoor golf putting/chipping, soccer shots, indoor or outdoor over-the-door basketball hoop, ping-pong balls, socks in the laundry basket etc.

Competition Rules:

  1. All current members are eligible for this competition.
  2. Be safe! Practice social distancing, protect yourself and others.  Here are the CDC Guidelines on how to protect yourself from COVID-19.
  3. In each video, someone needs to visibly give a "two thumbs up" to the camera (either to start or finish each video) or verbally say "two thumbs up"; to indicate that this video is specifically for this competition.  Without the "two thumbs up"; component the video will not qualify.
  4. Each contest participant can upload a maximum of two videos in total. 

You can absolutely complete this solo and in the comfort of your own home. We are not encouraging you to physically socialize in this process and do anything you are not comfortable doing.

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