Playing Partners

The following individuals are looking for playing partners in the sports of Tennis, Squash, Badminton and Racquetball. If you are new to GW and looking for someone to play with, feel free to find a match below to set up a game.

To get your name added to this list, please come to the Office of Campus Recreation and fill out a "Playing Partners" request form or email Aubre Jones ([email protected]). You must include your name, sport, skill level, email address and a telephone number where you can be reached. Your name will be posted on our playing partners list until you request that it be removed. If you need to update your phone number, please contact Aubre Jones.


Jordan Cohl  Beginner   [email protected]  202-841-1006
Isabel Martin del Campo  Beg/Int [email protected] 202-270-3750
Miguel Lejeune  Advanced  [email protected]

Thomas Barry  Int  [email protected]  781-864-4352
Sam Gallagher  Int  [email protected]  314-640-1844
Saskia Romero  Int/Adv  [email protected]  918-691-9921
Matthew Michaels  Int/Adv  [email protected]  214-566-3167
Nicole Lynn Beginner [email protected]  312-860-5754
Priyam Jain Beginner [email protected]  973-626-0007
Huda Asfour Beg/Int [email protected]  202-465-2864
Alanna Williamson Beg/Int [email protected] 510-495-5323


 Ben Hartman   Beg/Int [email protected] 202-460-5322
 Sarah Shomstein    Int [email protected] 202-994-5957
 Andrew Thal   Int/Adv [email protected] 202-596-5817
 Thomas Barry   Advanced [email protected] 781-864-4352
 Khyzar Hussain   Beg/Int [email protected]
[email protected]
 David Cain   Beginner [email protected] 202-412-4600
 Ian Dahlman   Beg/Int [email protected] 202 716 4598
 Walter Yoo   Beg/Int [email protected] 240-449-0263

Baolis Khaljallah

Beg/Int [email protected] 571-337-7551
Priyam Jain Beginner [email protected] 973-626-0007
Jawad Ahmad Beg/Int [email protected]  




[email protected]


Pooja Raju


[email protected]


Nicole Lynn Beginner [email protected] 312-860-5754

Sanjana Raju


[email protected]



Racquetball players of all abilities meet at designated times during the academic year. Days and times will be announced through the Racquetball Players' list-serve. If you would like to be added to the list-serve, please contact Aubre Jones at 202-994-7546 or [email protected] in the Office of Campus Recreation. As a member of the list-serve, you will be able to contact members of the group via email ([email protected]) to schedule games.