Other Services

Towel Service

Fall Towel Service:
This service is available through the Equipment Issue/Laundry Desk. Patrons can purchase the Towel Service for $47.00, which allows for unlimited use of towels while at the Lerner Health and Wellness Center. Towels can also be purchased on a per use basis for $1.00.

Please visit the Campus Rec desk on the 2nd floor of LHWC to purchase Towel Service.

Laundry Service

This service is only available to patrons who have a semester or year-long locker rental at the Lerner Health and Wellness Center.  Patrons can have workout clothing (limited to a pair of shorts, shirt, and socks) washed and ready for use on their next visit.  Please call the Equipment Manager at 202-994-1744, for more information and pricing.

Racquet Stringing

For your convenience the Lerner Health and Wellness Center offers racquet stringing services at cost of $30.00 per racquet.  For more information please contact the Equipment Manager at 202-994-1744