Multipurpose Room Rules

  1. Personal belongings, gym bags, backpacks, etc., are not permitted in hallways, lobbies, or activity areas.
  2. Please secure all belongings in a day use or semester rental locker
  3. Cell phones are not allowed in the room during classes
  4. Appropriate athletic attire required at all times
  5. Non-marking footwear required. 
  6. Please refrain from wearing cycle cleats on the Multipurpose room floor
  7. Water and sports drinks in closed, reseal able plastic containers are permitted.
  8. All other drinks, food and glass containers are confined to Campus Fresh and Varsity Place areas
  9. Outside equipment is not permitted in the Multipurpose Room
  10. Please remain at least 10 feet away from the mirror at all times.
  11. Please contact the Assistant Director of Scheduling and Special Events for use of the multipurpose room outside of designated class time.