Membership Rules

Membership Rules & Facility Access

  1. All patrons accessing the facility MUST display appropriate/acceptable identification in the form of an unexpired/valid GWorld card, or an access pass issued by the Membership Office. 
  2. Any patron who does not possess a university-issued (GWorld) identification card or a Lerner Health and Wellness Center access pass must be assisted by a facility manager before accessing the facility.
  3. All patrons accessing the facility MUST have a valid/current membership in the ActiveNet database, which will be verified by scanning the barcode on the GWorld card/access pass.
  4. Any patron who does not show up as having a current membership in the database must be assisted by a facility manager before accessing the facility.

Special Populations (School Without Walls)

  1. All School Without Walls (minor) students must be accompanied/supervised by an appropriate adult at all times while in the facility - at the point of entry, in the locker rooms and while engaging in physical education activities throughout the facility.
  2. Minor students may not be granted access to the facility without being accompanied by appropriate SWW faculty/staff.
  3. SWW faculty/staff or an LHWC manager must be present in the individual locker rooms anytime the (minor) students are using the facilities.
  4. Any (minor) student showing up after the rest of the class has already entered the facility must remain in the lobby until a SWW faculty/staff or LHWC manager or (adult) staff comes to escort the (minor) student to the appropriate location in the facility.
  5. No School Without Walls (minor) student is permitted into the facility outside of scheduled class times for any reason, unless accompanied by an adult.

Lost & Found

  1. All lost and found items are turned over to UPD on a daily basis.
  2. Lost and found information will not be given over the phone.
  3. LHWC is not responsible for lost or stolen items.