Massage Therapy

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Visit the Membership Office or go online to purchase a 60-minute massage with our licensed massage therapist. We offer a variety of relaxing and therapeutic massage treatments in our spa-like massage room. If you are a first-time client, we recommend that you begin with a Swedish Massage.

Sessions must be paid for in advance and appointment time(s) will be coordinated directly with our Massage Therapist following your purchase.


Swedish massage is a type of massage that helps with relaxation and helps with general and superficial muscle tension.  During a Swedish massage, kneading, long strokes, deep circular movements and passive joint movements are used to promote relaxation, stimulate nerve endings and increase blood flow and lymph drainage.  Swedish massage is typically a full body massage, with a focused area if there is an area that is more tense than the other.  In general, this type of massage is light and superficial.

Deep tissue massage is based on Swedish massage techniques, but focus on deeper layers of the muscles. Use of fist, knuckles, forearms and elbows are used in addition to palms and fingers. Massage strokes are deliberate that focus on layers of the muscles, tendons or other tissues that are deeper to the skin. This style of massage is mainly used to treat musculoskeletal issues like chronic pain, imbalances in muscles, specific injuries or sports related training.  It may help break up scar tissue and reduce tension in muscle tissue.  Deep tissue can be full body or focused on a specific area.  Deep tissue may be more firm than Swedish and intense at times, but it should never feel painful.

Sports massage uses a variety of approaches to help athletes in training before, during or after sports events.  This type of massage can be very light during post event massage to help muscles to recover after event to moderate to deep pressure similar to deep tissue massage so the muscles are soft and flexible prior and during event.  This style of massage may help prevent injuries.  Pre event massage is done is done to help prevent serious athletic injury by warming up the tissue for optimal athletic performance. Post event massage helps reduce swelling from microtramas from the event, loosens tiered stiff muscles helps maintain flexibility  and reduces cramping.  Maintenance sports massage is done at least once a week to increase blood flow, flexibility and relieve muscle tension.  This type of massage is ideal for those specifically training for an event.


Member Student Faculty/Staff Alumni Community
Swedish 1 Session $78 $86 $99 $103
Deep Tissue 1 Session $89 $99 $114 $118
Sports 1 Session $102 $113 $130 $134
Swedish 3 Sessions $207 $230 $265 $274
Deep Tissue 3 Sessions $241 $268 $308 $318
Sports 3 Sessions $272 $302 $348 $359

Purchase Online

*Each massage session is 60 minutes.
*All purchased sessions must be used by the end of the academic year.
*Non-member Faculty/staff can purchase massages at the community rate.