Fitness Center

  1. All patrons use the LHWC Fitness Room at their own risk.  It is each individual’s responsibility to use all equipment safely and in the manner for which it is intended.  Failure to do so may result in removal from the facility.
  2. Personal belongings, gym bags, backpacks, etc., are not permitted in hallways, lobbies, or activity areas.
  3. Please secure all belongings in a day use or semester rental locker.
  4. Closed-toe athletic footwear is required.
  5. Appropriate athletic attire is required at all times.
  6. Any patron not wearing appropriate attire and footwear will be required to change or leave the facility.
  7. Water and sports drinks in closed, reseal able plastic containers are permitted.
  8. All other drinks, food and glass containers should be confined to the lounge or plaza areas.
  9. Equipment must be wiped down after each use.
  10. Limit your workout to 30 minutes on all cardiovascular exercise equipment.
  11. Please use handrails on all equipment for balance only.
  12. LHWC staff reserves the right to instruct patrons how to use equipment properly.
  13. Please inform LHWC staff if equipment is malfunctioning.
  14. Report maintenance problems to LHWC staff.
  15. The Personal Training Studio use is limited to trainers and their clients.  Clients may not use the studio without their trainer present. 
  16. Outside private lessons or personal services are prohibited in all recreation areas.