Equipment Reservation Form

Sports equipment reservations are on a first come, first served basis and therefore the LHWC cannot guarantee the availability of all sporting equipment requested. You will be contacted about the availability of your request with 1 - 2 business days.
Please use the above box to make requests for equipment not listed above. Equipment not listed on form may or may not be available for reservation.
In signing with your GWID below you are agreeing with the equipment reservation policies as stated: - I agree to return any equipment received in the condition in which it was received. - If Lost, Damaged, or Stolen I agree to compensate for all issued equipment as if it were new. - I agree to return all equipment received by the following day or time indicated by an LHWC manager at time equipment is received. If you do not have a GWID, please re-enter your e-mail from above and you will be contacted by the LHWC Equipment Coordinator. Note: The Lerner Health and Wellness Center reserves the right to deny the request of any group/ individual based any on previous equipment reservation policy violations.