Equipment Rentals and Reservations Form

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Sports equipment reservations are on a first come, first served basis and therefore the LHWC cannot guarantee the availability of all sporting equipment requested. You will be contacted about the availability of your request with 1 - 2 business days.
Please use the above box to make requests for equipment not listed above. Equipment not listed on form may or may not be available for reservation.
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In signing with your GWID below you are agreeing with the equipment reservation policies as stated: - I agree to return any equipment received in the condition in which it was received. - If Lost, Damaged, or Stolen I agree to compensate for all issued equipment as if it were new. - I agree to return all equipment received by the following day or time indicated by an LHWC manager at time equipment is received. If you do not have a GWID, please re-enter your e-mail from above and you will be contacted by the LHWC Equipment Coordinator. Note: The Lerner Health and Wellness Center reserves the right to deny the request of any group/ individual based any on previous equipment reservation policy violations.