Eileen Thomas

Director, Membership & Client Services
Address: Lerner Health and Wellness Center
2301 G Street NW
Washington, District Of Columbia
Phone: 202-994-1751
Fax: 202-994-1764
[email protected]

Eileen is new to the fitness industry and Campus Recreation – she joined the Lerner Health and Wellness Center professional team in June, 2013 and jumped right into her role as the Director of Membership and Client Services.  In her past (professional) life she was a BioPharmaceutical Specialty Sales Representative with a knack for hounding her customers until they agreed to purchase her products – just to get rid of her.

Her overly solicitous nature and passion to provide excellent (Nordstrom-level) customer service make her an ideal fit for her current position.  She doesn’t always say ‘Yes’, but goes out of her way not to say ‘No’. 

GW’s Foggy Bottom campus is Eileen’s second home – she is an alumna (MBA) and has two children pursuing undergraduate degrees here.  She LOVES this place!

A native Washingtonian, she is one of a rare breed in the city.  When she’s not at work, you can catch her at home cooking, gardening, watching sports, old movies or Judge Judy on TV, or losing a game of Monopoly to her 13 year old son.   

Until then, you will find her in her office or just wandering around LHWC helping patrons – even if they don’t need it. 

Her ultimate goal is to leave this place just a little bit better than it was before she joined the team!