6 Week Guided Workout Program

Registration Period: September 11- October 30 (all programs begin on Mondays)


This workout program created by our nationally certified personal trainers provides a 6-week-long fitness plan tailored to your fitness goals. Upon completion of an initial questionnaire you will receive a workout template that focuses on your primary fitness goal, based on one of the following areas of fitness:

  • Weight Loss
  • Strength & Muscle Building
  • General Fitness

Many people exercise but don't receive the full benefits that it can provide. Sticking to a workout plan allows for you to achieve maximum results while keeping track of your progress along the way. Achieving your fitness goals can't be done overnight. Having a workout program that you are held accountable for increases your results and ability to reach the level of fitness you desire. Noticeable results can take 4-8 weeks of targeted training and a commitment to lifestyle changes.

✓   Check-ins throughout the process

✓   Structured to allow quick progress

✓   Accountability

✓   Only $35


Get the 6 Week Guided Workout Program


*This program excludes working with and/or one-on-one communication with a personal trainer. Nutrition evaluation is not included in this type of program.

Questions? Contact norarsanzo@gmail.com